5 Things to Consider When Creating a Hardworking Home Office

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Hardworking Home Office

It’s a discussion we keep having over and over: what makes a hardworking home office? It’s a little different for everyone, of course. Some of us run a business from home, others need a quiet space to study, and yet others want to craft or just keep the household paperwork organised.

There are probably as many definitions of a hardworking home office as there are people setting one up, but… there are also things they all have in common. Or should have. Clean, comfortable, ergonomic, bright and inspirational are all good terms to keep in mind when designing your workspace, along with these five things we believe are vital.

A Dedicated Workstation

Whether it’s an all-singing all-dancing desk with built-in computer trays and cable management, or an old kitchen table set in a corner, having a workstation is the first step to your very own hardworking home office.

The height should let you work comfortably, and there should be enough room for whatever you’re using to do your work, whether it’s a laptop, a bunch of files or a drawing board. Leaving a corner for your coffee mug would be a good idea, too.

Comfortable Seating

Again, seating is a very personal choice. Whatever you pick – office chair, kitchen chair, kneeling chair, or even a giant exercise ball – it should be comfortable and support your back. Especially if you’re likely to spend hours on a computer.

Task Lighting

Mood lighting is fun in the bedroom. But a home office is a place where work is being done, so don’t skimp on good, bright task lighting. Not only will it help you see what you’re doing, it will also help you feel less tired after a long day’s work.


Working in a messy office, with files piled here and there and having to spend ages trying to find something will not help you feel efficient and accomplished. A workspace that’s too messy might even send you hurrying to work in the kitchen!

But a lot of the bigger mess is easily fixed, even if your home office space is much smaller than you would like.

Our bookcases come in a range of sizes from tall to short and wide to narrow. We stock corner cabinets that will let you make the most of the space you have available. Pot cupboards are great for storing stacks of files, and small filing cabinets can easily fit under a desk or table. So just because your home office is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be messy!


The best home office is one you don’t want to leave at the end of the day and can’t wait to get into in the mornings. And one way to achieve that feat is to make your office uniquely yours.

Your workspace should inspire you. So there’s nothing wrong with choosing a wall colour you like, a poster, painting or photograph that speaks to you to hang over your desk or to place that chunk of rock you brought back from Cornwall and that reminds you of the perfect holiday right where you can see it. Having a plant on your desk or even in the room, can make you feel better – some house plants have hidden talents in cleaning the air!

Add a rug that makes you smile, a notice board that reminds you of good times with friends, a big squashy pillow to stuff in your back, a scented candle or a few leaves you’ve collected on your walk that morning. Accessories don’t have to be large to make a large impact on your mood.

Whatever space you can turn into your very own hardworking home office, make sure it’s a space you’ll enjoy working in. Make it yours, make it as bright as appeals to you, make it comfortable, well lit, and tidy… and add accessories that will inspire your work.

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