A Home Office that Simplifies your life? It's possible.

A Home Office that Simplifies your life? It's possible.

As many of us have found out this year, working from home is tough. Especially when the kids are home, too. Distractions pile up and staying motivated all day long can be difficult. And that's before we struggle to find a routine that blends work and home life without blurring the lines.

The way we set up our workspace can have a massive impact on both our productivity and our wellbeing.

The perfect home office is one that is laid out to be functional and comfortable. It should keep distractions to a minimum while keeping us motivated and happy.

That's the theory.

In practice, our workspaces should still be functional and comfortable. It doesn’t matter if we have a whole room available as a home office or if we've carved out a corner in the living room. The best home office is one that works for you.

Productivity hates stress and clutter. Rule one is therefore to keep the workspace clutterfree. Invest in drawers, shelves, or storage boxes to keep everything unnecessary out of the way.

The clearance areas in both of our stores - home to end of line items, samples and one-offs - are great for finding well-made, stylish storage solutions at bargain prices.

Clean, fresh colour schemes also help improve productivity. If you get the chance to decorate your workspace choose crisp whites, classic greys, soothing greens, and calming mocha, which are all ideal hues for creativity and productivity. Colour affects mood, and our moods impact how well we'll cope with our workload.

Between a clutterfree workspace, a colourscheme that inspires, and a few items that motivate you or make you happy, your home office can simplify your life. At least, the part of it you're spending working from home.

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  • Gary Anderson
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