Add a Touch of Blue

Add a Touch of Blue

How do you give a much-used room a facelift or change the vibe when you don’t feel in the mood to decorate? Right now, interior designers will tell you to add a touch of blue.

Bright blues or aqua teamed with white can add an instant vibe of breezy seaside to a room. But it’s the deeper blues, and most especially indigo, that are currently all the rage. Why? Because deep blue brings calm, peace, and a sense of relaxation – something that offsets our busy lives.

Adding blue is very much a trend where less is more. There’s no need to reach for a paintbrush or go shopping for new carpets. Indigo shades add a tranquil feel when used sparingly, so they’re a fabulous colour for accessories.

Blue bedding and a blue arm chair, or even a stylish alarm clock can quieten a corner of your bedroom.

A few new mugs and plates bring that same quiet feeling into your kitchen or, teamed with place mats, a tablecloth, or a decorative bowl or two, into your dining room.

A blue rug or a deep blue throw on your favourite chair will give your mind a moment’s rest. And if you feel seriously in need of Zen in your life, then why not look for a large canvas print to display in your hallway or living room?

If you explore the shops right now, you’ll find more than just a touch of blue. Cushions, throws, lampshades, jars, rugs, vases, even barstools and coffeetables are available in the coveted hue. It’s clear that, at the end of the school holidays and still caught up in a long hot summer, this trend had really caught the imagination.

The choice of deep blue furnishings and accessories is so extensive that adding a touch of blue to your home is a joy for everyone. If you’re visiting our Banbury or Bicester store this weekend, then why not check out our blue fabric dining chairs, our canvas prints or our selection of rugs. You may find one that will add just that missing touch of blue to your home along with a touch of Zen.

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