Autumn Colour Schemes

Autumn Colour Schemes

It’s Halloween today. Time for parties and time for the kids to scare the neighbours out of treats, before coming home to spooky soup and ghost cakes. But is autumn all about Halloween for you – a symphony in orange and black? Or do you love the season for its vibrant autumn colour, abundance of produce, the soft mists and swift nip in the air?

Bringing the colours of autumn into your home – beyond the Halloween party, that is – can be a wonderful way to add warmth and light while nature decides to move towards dark and chilly.

Autumn is a season we associate with warmth and the colours of autumn seem especially designed to make us think of warm fires, hot chocolate and delicious, slow-cooked casseroles. Bringing rich, warm autumn colour into your home will help you feel warm and content even if the wind rattles the doors or the rain lashes the windows.

At A Touch of Furniture we love autumn colour, because it has a natural affinity with our furniture, complementing it and bringing out the absolute best looks in each piece whether you love our Rustic Oak, Manhattan Oak, or pieces from our ever popular Somerset furniture collection.

Decorating with autumn colour is all about blending shades. Russets, browns, oranges and yellows all marry naturally with furniture that’s been oiled or waxed to show off its natural grain. Autumn isn’t all about shades of orange either. Think of the deep purple of plums, the burgundy red of polished apples or the jewel colours of ripening berries. Pears and seeds add shades from mustard to cream, and then there are the pale amethyst colours of misty mornings or the deep grey of moody skies.

Autumnal hues are neither harsh nor loud. Like the season itself, they’re soft and melting. They blend and play well with your existing decor.

So adding autumn colour to your home doesn’t mean you have to redecorate. A set of new chocolate dining chairs can add warmth to your dining room, as can autumn-hued table runners, tablecloths or wall decorations. You can warm up your hallway with a few strategically placed russet cushions or brighten it with pale cream and amethyst accessories. And you can easily add autumn shades to your living room with a cosy blanket or two.

Candles, scented and coloured, add instant warmth. And in place of summery glass bowls or metal dishes, why not use wooden bowls to store your apples or potpourri?

Accessories are key in changing a room’s look and we’re well aware of that! In our Bicester and Banbury stores you can’t just find wardrobes, sideboards, dining tables and all the other pieces you’d expect in a furniture store. We’ve also taken much time selecting accessories that complement our furniture and help you create a home you love to come home to.

Why not stop in and choose the new dining chairs you’ve been thinking about all summer? Why not look at a new dining table while you’re here? Or just the right coffee table to finish your new living room? Why not check out wall decor and mirrors, or our one-of-a-kind root furniture and gifts? You’ll be surprised how many beautiful pieces we’ve found space for in our stores.

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