Beyond Your Bed and Mattress: Choosing the Perfect Pillow

Beyond Your Bed and Mattress: Choosing the Perfect Pillow

A good night’s sleep… you can certainly tell when you didn’t have one. You wake feeling as if you hadn’t slept at all, you ache all over and you’re not looking forward to the day ahead of you. We all have a bad night now and then, but if you have fewer good nights than uncomfortable ones, then maybe it’s time to see what gives.

If your bed and mattress are in good order, and your bedroom is a space you love to hide out in for peace and quiet, then maybe your pillows are to blame for you waking as if you’ve slept like a pretzel.

The perfect pillow should support you seamlessly while you sleep and help your muscles relax. But not all pillows suit every sleeper equally… and when faced with the multitude of options, where do you start?

While down, feathers, hollow-fibre, polyester, or memory foam are very much personal choices, how soft or firm a pillow you choose should be governed by your favourite sleeping position and, in part, your body shape.

Let me explain.

If you sleep mostly on your front…

… your perfect pillow is one that is very soft and flattens easily. A super-soft pillow will keep your body properly aligned by moulding around your head. Not only that, a super-soft pillow is also supremely comfortable and adds a touch of luxury.

If you sleep mostly on your back…

… you need a pillow that supports your neck, but doesn’t force your head too far up or forward. If you wake up with an aching neck each morning, then changing your pillow will make all the difference. Choose a pillow offering soft-to-medium support and feel how much of a difference it makes.

If you sleep on your side…

… you need a pillow that bridges the gap between your shoulder and your neck. Your perfect pillow will be one offering medium/firm support, such as a memory foam pillow. The wider your shoulders are, the more support you will need, but keep in mind that you can layer your pillows. If you want a bit of cosy luxury, it’s perfectly fine to use a super-soft pillow on top of a firm one.

Are you using the perfect pillow for your favourite sleeping position?

If you don’t, and you frequently wake up achy and tired, then why not change your pillow? You may be glad you did.

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