Copper – A Warm Touch for Your Home

Copper – A Warm Touch for Your Home

There’s no reason not to make use of metal in your home decor, whether you favour industrial style, cool sophistication or ethnic designs. Each metal brings something unique to your decor and today we’re looking at copper, which can inject a lovely warm feel into any room of your home.

Whether you reside in a super trendy urban penthouse full of exposed stone, or your home features crisp white walls and pale carpets or wood flooring, copper can help to soften harsh colours, texture and materials, turn a ‘cold space’ into a ‘warm space’ and provide a wonderfully tactile feeling in any room of your home.

From highly polished and pristine copper light fittings and jugs to super cool gnarly looking taps and wall tiles covered in beautifully unique oxidisation, copper has many uses and it can create many different effects when used in the home.

New bathroom or kitchen?

If you’re planning on replacing your kitchen or bathroom, don’t waste money on new taps. Ask your plumber to continue the copper pipes up above the sink, basin or bath, and braze on a couple of 90° elbow joints and stop cocks of your choosing for an urban-chic set of taps that will be the envy of all your guests! For a particularly suave finish, why not cut the end of the pipe at an angle so the water flows out in a waterfall effect?

Accessorise for maximum effect

Copper pipes aren’t limited to merely transporting water though. Oh no. Complete the look in your bathroom with a funky handmade toilet roll holder or towel rack (heated if you choose for extra style points).

In the kitchen copper pipe is perfect for making a rack to hang your pots, pans and utensils from, whilst larger diameter pipe can make stupendous candle holders. Copper pans make great statement pieces and as for serving drinks in copper containers…. you’ll score style points with all your friends!

Super cool bedrooms

You begin and end each day in your bedroom, so why not make it super cool to brighten your mood? Take your chest of drawers (we make these in case you didn’t already know!), paint it a delightfully moody grey (or colour of your choice) and finish with some handmade copper pipe handles for a sumptuously tactile piece of furniture which could quite easily outlive you!

Keep it simple

Don’t fancy getting your spanners or brazing torch out? Don’t worry, there’s a plethora of seriously cool off-the-shelf copper items out there on the highstreet. From mirrors and baths to lamps and even side tables, there’s a whole copper world out there for you to discover!

For more great design ideas, or for some super sturdy and gorgeously made furniture check out our website or call in to our Banbury or Bicester showrooms!

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