Dining Room Decor: A Match of Chairs and Benches

Dining Room Decor: A Match of Chairs and Benches

Whether you have an open-plan kitchen diner, a separate dining room, or made space for your dining table in the conservatory or living room… what most of us want from our dining space is somewhere comfortable and inviting for friends and family to gather. And one of the latest dining room decor trends to aim to achieve that is a move towards mix-and-match dining room furniture.

Dining chairs are getting colour and style makeovers. Setting new and vintage chairs side by side around the table, or adding rattan or fabric chairs to leather-pad dining chairs is no longer a design faux pas. It’s all about comfort and creating a feeling of welcome and belonging.

And now, dining benches have joined the fun, and we’re heavily in favour of the new trend!


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Dining benches are versatile.

They’re especially good if you don’t know from one evening to the next how many people you’ll have around the table. Emergency chairs are fun to add to the dinner table, but if you’re already struggling for space in  your home, then storing rarely used chairs will not be on top of your list. A dining bench can solve that problem so effortlessly, that even restaurants have started to adopt the idea.

Dining benches are cosy and stylish.

Mixing chairs and benches in your dining room lets you create a setting that’s uniquely you. One bench or two, traditionally styled or boldly bright dining chairs – dining room decor has never been so flexible. Whether you want your dining space to be light and airy, or warm and cosy, you can achieve it by mixing tables, chairs and beches. And the cosy vibe is always guaranteed. Slide right up to your neighbour and dining becomes a cheerful, informal event that will leave everyone smiling.

Dining benches make your dining room feel more spacious.

This is a rather clever side-effect of mixing a dining bench with your traditional dining chairs – and especially noticeable if you have a kitchen diner or a living / dining room. Why? Because a dining bench doesn’t have a high backrest the way dining chairs do. Set the bench to face the rest of the room and your dining table will remain open and inviting to anyone sitting on the sofa or working in the kitchen.

Setting a dining bench on the kitchen or living room side of your dining space will also show off your dining table… an extra plus if you have chosen a great rustic table, or have created an eye-catching centrepiece for your table.

Getting it Right

Mixing chairs and benches around your dining table ensures that you’re in control of your dining room decor and able to change it whenever you want.

For the longest-lasting enjoyment, pick a quality bench: well-made and solid to accommodate a number of people in comfort.

Matching the dining table and bench gives you a chance to be a bolder choosing your chairs. Your dining room furniture doesn’t need to match, but making sure the pieces complement each other is a good move. You can always add colour – and additional comfort – with cushions or a brightly covered pad for your bench.

So why not visit our showrooms and check out our great selection of dining tables, chairs and benches to spruce up your dining room decor?

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