Folding Dining Tables

Folding Dining Tables

Do you have a big family? Or just lots of friends? Getting everyone together around a home cooked meal (or even a take away!) can be a great way to keep those ties close. With a folding dining table in your dining room, you can easily extend your dining area as your family grows.

Folding dining tables are a great way to save space in smaller dining rooms, too. Our smallest folding dining tables shrink to just 1m square but can extend to 1.4m, comfortably seating another couple of mouths at dinner time. Alternatively, our larger oak models come with 1 or 2 leaves, meaning your table can extend by varying lengths to suit any number of guests! Our largest oak model will extend to just short of 3 metres, so plenty of room for the largest of families.

There are many different styles of folding dining tables out there, so it’s important to know what’s on offer. The more traditional folding dining tables glide smoothly open revealing the leaves that are stored beneath. Once fully open, the leaves lock into place, so you can dine in comfort.

Flip top dining tables – ours are made from solid oak – are smashing space savers! Their petite frame can fit effortlessly into a smaller room, but just flip them open and they double in size, giving you acres of room for when the family pops round for dinner.

Folding Dining Tables: this one's a flip top! | A Touch of Furniture Banbury and Bicester

If you’ve a gadget mind, you’ll love our automatic folding dining tables. Simply open them up and uncover the folded leaf, which turns a smaller dining table into something much bigger in a matter of seconds.

Square, rectangular, circular or oval – you’re bound to find a folding dining table to suit your home in one of our stores. And with the choice of solid oak or pine, or even a painted piece for the more adventurous diners, folding dining tables can be a real statement in any dining room.

Folding dining tables are such clever items that no family can do without one of these trusty pieces. And since dining tables tend to stay with you longer than any other piece of furniture you’ll ever buy, why not visit our store and see if you can find just the right one for your family.

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