How to Choose Dining Chairs

How to Choose Dining Chairs

Have you ever looked forward to a long, cosy dinner with friends only to find yourself perched on an uncomfortable dining chair that made you wish you could leave the table after your starter, never to return?

When you choose a dining chair, you want it to be stylish and complement the decor of your dining room. You also want it to be comfortable, for yourself and any guests dining with you. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, you don’t need to compromise on either style or comfort.

Do your homework before you go out, pay attention to size, style and colour while you are in the store and you won’t go astray when you come to choose dining chairs.


Choosing dining chairs that are the right size for your dining table is key to ensuring you’ll be sitting comfortably even if Uncle Fred starts telling stories. Measure the height of your table before you leave home. Knowing length and width is useful, too, if you’re buying more than one chair.

Most dining tables are 28-31 inches high. The most comfortable dining chairs have a seat that’s about 10-12 inches below the tabletop. This will allow diners to slide their legs under the table without a problem and sit close enough to the table edge to eat in comfort. And when not in use, the chairs will be neatly out of the way.

The width of your chair is equally important, as is the depth of the seat. 22 inches wide and 24 inches deep make for a comfortable seat on a chair without armrests. Be careful with anything smaller, as you’ll perch on the seat rather than sit on it.

If you’re buying more than one chair, then knowing the length of your table is key. You should allow at least two inches between chairs, so diners won’t feel cramped and have sufficient elbow room. If your dining space is small, avoid dining chairs with arms, ie. carver chairs. They’ll require an extra six inches of width at the table. ​​​



Dining table sets – ie. a dining table and matching chairs – are still a favourite buy, but fashion no longer dictates that dining tables and chairs must match. If your home decor is eclectic or you like collecting, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing dining chairs whose looks catch your eye.

Wooden dining chairs come in just as many different styles than fabric or leather chairs. Backrest, legs, seats, and the material covering the seat can all be varied to match the vibe and decor of a dining room. While style is a personal choice, you should choose dining chairs with backs that are taller than the table top. The taller the backs, the more elegant your dining table will look.


Dining chairs are an excellent way to give your dining room a quick makeover. Simply changing the chairs, or even just the chair covering, will give a totally new look. Dining rooms can take some dramatic styling, and as deep colours are very trendy right now, you could experiment with jewel-coloured walls and dining chairs with light or neutral fabric covers. Or make the dining chairs the colour splash in the room. We offer dining chairs in cream , gold, rose, cinnamon, lime, deep red, purple, floral print, brown and deep blue… as well as the more traditional black and white.

There’s really no reason for suffering through another long dinner on uncomfortable chairs. Come and see our selection of very comfortable dining chairs, choose dining chairs to suit your decor, and give your dining room a well-deserved makeover.

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