How to Choose the Perfect Rug

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

Rugs are a great way to change the look and feel of a room, whether you want to add a touch of colour, a little warmth, or give it a more sophisticated vibe. But how do you choose the perfect rug for your room? Should you choose wool or synthetic fibres? Are the best rugs rectangular? What is the best rug for a high-traffic area? And can you have rugs in the kitchen?

Since we’ve started to stock rugs in our stores, we’ve been asked all these questions, so here’s our take on what to look for to help you choose the perfect rug.


Natural or synthetic?

Modern rugs can be made from wool or cotton or synthetic fibres like polypropylene, nylon or polyester.

Wool and cotton make for soft, beautiful rugs, but they’re also likely to stain more easily and can fade when exposed to too much sunlight. Wool and cotton rugs and carpets can also be pricey.

Rugs made from sythetic fibres are much more forgiving when it comes to spills and stains. Most of them clean perfectly, and the colours don’t fade.


Piles and patterns

The pile is the density of a rug or carpet. High-pile, shaggy rugs are made from longer fibres. This makes them soft and cosy – great for bedrooms and living areas – but heavy foot traffic or heavy furniture will crush the pile and leave marks.

Low pile rugs are sturdier when it comes to traffic passing over them. They’re also easier to vacuum. A patterned low pile rug or running is a great choice for the hallway. Not only will the short pile withstand many feet, but the pattern will also hide scuffs and stains.

Choose patterns with care if your walls and furniture are also patterned, or there’s a chance you might overwhelm your room. If your walls are plain or painted in one colour, then a bright rug will cheer things up. You can also choose your rug to match your funiture – as in the image below – or choose a rug pattern that complements coloured accessories you already have in the room.

How to Choose the Perfect Rug | A Touch of Furniture Banbury and Bicester

Where does a rug fit?

Literally everywhere in your home. We can’t think of a single room that couldn’t take a rug… Don’t believe us? Here are a few ideas:

Hallways and entryways need sturdy rugs that can withstand dirty shoes and much traffic. Short-pile synthetic rugs work really well, since they vacuum easily and treating more stubborn stains is fairly straightforward. Pick a cheerful rug to help you create a welcoming vibe and brighten a space that can be narrow and dark in many houses.

Dining area: If you like open-plan living, chances are that you want to separate your dining area from from either your kitchen or your living space. Rugs are great for that! To make sure your rug is big enough, measure your dining table and choose a rug that’s at least two feet larger allround. That way, all the dining chairs will fit comfortably on the rug.

Living room: Most people have a rug in their living room, usually to mark out the sitting area around the coffee table. When you come to choose the perfect rug, make sure it’s big enough to take the coffee table with enough space around it to fit under the feet of your sofa. That way, the area will become a focus point in your room.

Kitchen: The kitchen may not be the first room that comes to mind when you’re rug shopping, but if you spend much time in front of your sink or cooker, then a rug might be a nice addition. Alternatively, a long running down the middle of the kitchen and make a long, narrow kitchen appear larger. Just make sure you keep the rug abuout six inches from your cabinets. And do make sure your rug has a slip-resistant backing.

Bedroom: The bedroom is the traditional home of the rug or runner – somewhere warm to put your feet first thing in the morning. Small rugs on each side of the bed look great with wooden floors, but you could also use a larger rug to add focus to your bedroom.



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