How to Choose the Perfect TV Stand for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect TV Stand for Your Home

The perfect television stand is one that does justice to your television and adds that certain something to your living room. And as TVs have gotten sleeker, manufacturers have responded with new styles of TV stands and TV cabinets. Aside from fitting in with your room’s furnishings, the perfect television stand must provide a sturdy support for your TV. So here we’ve compiled a few points to keep in mind when you go shopping for one!

TV Size

It is important to select a TV stand of the correct size because not only do you want a stable, sturdy support for your television, but something that looks good while doing its job.

Make sure that the stand is wider than the total width of your TV, as it will provide a stable base. Additionally, ensure the stand is capable of supporting the television’s weight and check the manufacturer’s guidelines for whether the stand is suitable for your television model and size. A TV stand that’s too light or too small can easily tip over, damage your TV or even cause injuries.

Room Size

Many of us will love to “go large” when it comes to TVs, especially when considering TVs for the family room. So when buying furniture, allow enough space for a large TV stand. In a smaller media room, your teen’s room or a bedroom, where most of us opt for smaller TVs, you’re fine to choose a smaller television stand that also helps with storage. When it comes to the perfect television stand, it’s all about scale.


For many of us, the perfect television stand doesn’t just provide a space to place the TV, but also much needed storage. How much storage you need depends on your equipment. Do you have surround sound speakers, DVD recorders, or additional games consoles? You may like space to store your DVD collection close to the player, or even find a safe spot for the rarely used video player. If you want to put everything in one place, go beyond a simple television stand and look for an entertainment center which provides much more storage space. If you’d prefer a simple television stand, then you might want to consider additional storage units for other items.

Appearance and Style

Here’s where you don’t have to consult manufacturer’s recommendations, sizes or weights. When it comes to style and finish, all you need to consult is your personal taste! TV stands and media centres come in quietly traditional or modern contemporary looks. Some designs offer features such as DVD storage, cable management, wheels for easy shifting, and adjustable shelving, but these are by no means standard, so make sure you look for exactly the features you want your perfect television stand to have.

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