Keeping it Tidy

Keeping it Tidy

January is decluttering month. A time when many of us pack away the Christmas decorations and then begin to sort through the rest of our belongings, tidying, ditching and recyling as we go. Keeping it tidy isn’t just something that brings pleasure or a sense of achievement, just as decluttering doesn’t just free up space in our homes.

Both are proven ways to clear our minds, too. Getting rid of old, no-longer needed things helps us classify and pack away experiences that hold us back and make room for new thoughts and a fresh start.

Decluttering always starts with a good clearout, and needs little in terms of equipment except for three big bin liners to sort items you want to sell, give to charity, or throw out for good.

Keeping it tidy, on the other hand, does require storage space. The easiest way to keep your home neat, is to assign a place to shoes, books, games, remote controls, and mementos… the usual culprits for clutter.

And that’s something where we can help. Furniture is our game, and that includes those oh-so-useful (and sometimes oh-so-whimsical) pieces that help keep clutter at bay.

Take Wellington boots, for example. Due to a tendency to topple over, they’re even harder to keep neat than shoes in general. And they’re not the sort of shoes you simply toss into a box or basket.

So in the quest for a neat and tidy hallway, what is one to do?

Find a boot holder, that’s what. They make drying wet wellies a cinch, and keep the muck neatly away from the rest of the footwear.

As for the other sources of clutter in your home?

Blanket boxes and clothes bins can help clear shed garments from the floor.

Baskets are a fabulous catch-all solution for household clutter. They come in different sizes and in many different styles, so you’re bound to find ones that can take care of the jumble of remote controls, or the knitting supplies, or even the collection of beach stones you’ve brought back from holiday. And they're just as useful for storing toiletries, makeup, phone and tablet chargers, batteries, hand towels and even socks.

We're also fans of chests with many drawers, and champions of clothes rails, corner cupboards and desk tidies!

So if you’re in the mood for decluttering and on a crusade for keeping it tidy, why not swing by one of our shops and see what we can do to help you out?

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