Modern Computer Desks …

Modern Computer Desks …

…don’t need to look like they were borrowed from Star Trek

If you’re a hard-core, first generation Trekkie, you might disagree. And, of course, modern computer desks – the futuristic kind – can be great fun to look at. You might even go as far as considering what they’d be like to work at.

But at some point in your ruminations, you’ll wonder where the printer would fit, where you’d keep that silly dolphin mug your daughter made for you in kindergarten and that now holds your pens, where you’d store all the holiday photos and where else you would deposit the piles of bills and filing you’re forever meaning to find a place for.

Because – let’s face it – the paperless office is still a far-off dream and most of our homes don’t come equipped with 56 electrical sockets per room.

What most of us are used to and comfortable with are wooden desks.

Modern computer desk from our Cherwell Painted collection

Wooden desks made from pine and oak  and mango in shades that fit our less futuristically styled homes. Wooden desks with tops that can be polished instead of just dusted. Wooden desks with drawers. And mugs full of pens. And cable salad.

The most futuristic many of us go these days is by opting for a slimline iPad desk that can provide a useful workstation even if space is limited.

But for the most part, we like desks with drawers, and with a decent amount of room for a computer screen, pens and stacks of paper. We like pullout trays for the keyboard, somewhere to park the desktop and pre-cut channels to keep the cable salad to a minimum.

And if it’s made from chunky oak and looks good, then so much the better. No Star Trek rip-offs need apply.

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