Our homes are changing

Our homes are changing

In the days when most of us left our homes first thing in the morning to head to work or school and returned tired at the end of the day hoping to spend time relaxing with each other, creating a large family space in our homes had a lot of appeal.

Over the last two years, work arrangements and family interactions have changed for many of us. And our homes are changing, too.

When we spent most of the day outside the home, at work and school interacting with others, our homes were sanctuaries. A place to kick back and relax, and to spend time with the family we hadn’t seen all day. Open-plan living was popular, as were large, comfortable spaces where people could gather.

Open Plan Living is Changing | A Touch of Furniture Oxfordshire

After months of lockdowns, working from home, and homeschooling, private spaces are in much higher demand.

We need room to work or study. We need room to exercise. And… perhaps most of all… we need room to be alone.

Enter the age of the nook!

Whether it's a cosy corner to read or listen to music, a writing nook, or somewhere to craft, sew or paint - more and more of our customers look for furniture that will help them create small, dedicated spaces in their homes.

Small book cases, narrow cabinets with drawers, console and coffee tables, cosy wing chairs, and laptop desks are all very popular right now.

If you are working to create quiet, cosy corners in your home, then why not stop into one of our stores to see how we can help.


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