The Magic of Bedside Tables: Decluttering for a Great Night’s Sleep!

The Magic of Bedside Tables: Decluttering for a Great Night’s Sleep!

Have you ever woken up exhausted and feeling as if you’ve not slept at all? It’s a horrible feeling. And never mind how much coffee you’ll use to combat it, chances are good that the whole day will be a struggle. There are many reasons you may have slept badly: stress, a late dinner that disagreed with you, excess noise, a worn-out mattress, a book you couldn’t put down until late, problems at work, or – surprisingly – clutter. Bedroom clutter, to be precise.

Bedroom decor trends change yearly. Colours, textures and accessories that are all the rage one year are barely looked at the next. Then, of course, there’s functionality, space and storage to consider, and – most important of all – personal style.

Very few people would be happy sleeping in a bare white room furnished with just a bed, a rug and some curtains – however Zen it might be. Your bedrooms is your sanctuary, and you want to be able to relax when you finally make it to bed at night.

So how do you square that need with the fact that the chances of hours of undisturbed leep are higher the less clutter surrounds you when you close your eyes?

Fairly easily, actually.

Remove items that stimulate your mind into wakefulness from your line of sight, be they books, games, papers, or electronics. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read in bed, or listen to music, or finish the evening with a sudoku puzzle. You can do all of these things, but then… before turning off the light… just place those items out of sight.

There’s a reason bedside tables are one of our best-selling products. They provide storage space for items you usually keep around your bed, giving you the chance to get a good night’s rest in a clutter-free space.

And since bedside tables come in a multitude of configurations, you’re bound to find one that will suit your way of spending the last hour before going to sleep.


For the naturally tidy: a minimalist bedside table will offer just enough space for a light, an alarm clock, or a house plant.


For the readers: a bedside table with shelf provides space to stack books out of your line of sight, so you can sleep without your mind continuing to ponder who killed Aunt Agatha’s poodle or whether the dashing pirate managed to rescue his beloved.


For the gamesters and newshounds: a bedside table with drawers will let you store your phone and tablet out of sight. Most important, that, since electronic devices are high on the list of items that will disrupt your sleeping patterns. If you can’t bear to ban the electronics from your bedroom entirely, then a closed drawer is a good compromise.


With such a huge variety of bedside tables and nightstands available, you’re bound to find one that will help you keep your sleeping space peaceful and clutterfree. And if you’d like some advice on which might be suit, then why not visit our Banbury or Bicester stores and talk to our friendly staff?


We’re always delighted to help.

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