If a calm, peaceful bedroom is top of your list, then our new Oxfordshire Painted collection is for you. The gorgeous cream finish with contrasting oak tops works well with off-white, grey, and even purple-tinted colour-schemes. It will set off wooden floors to perfection, and if you pair it with darker shades of brown or green, you may be forgiven for not wanting to leave the peaceful space you've created.

For purists or those who can't get enough of Scandinavian decor, Oxfordshire Painted furniture is also available in pristine, all-over white... which will make any colour scheme look clean and inviting.

Oxfordshire Painted furniture features shaped plinths on the front and sides, and framed end panels with radius corners on the tops. The design is completed with grooved detailing on the drawer fronts and doors with a silver knob complimenting the painted finish.

It's a thoroughly stylish collection that's exceptionally good value for money.

Oxfordshire Painted

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