5 Stylishly Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

5 Stylishly Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas
It’s that time of year when the supermarkets stock up on pumpkins and children are busy choosing party costumes. Yes, you’ve guessed it…Halloween is upon us. Perhaps you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, or maybe you’re just giving out sweets to local trick-or-treaters. Either way, Halloween is a great time to decorate your house a bit differently, making the most of deep oranges and monochromes to add a seasonal touch to your home. Follow some of our stylishly spooky decor ideas to get your home ready for Halloween!



Although pumpkins are usually carved and placed outside at Halloween, they can also be a wonderful decoration inside your home.

Why not try painting your pumpkins? We recommend choosing a variety of different size pumpkins and painting them white and black for a spooky feel. Place them on your dining room table as a centrepiece or around your mantelpiece for decoration.

If you like autumn colours in your home you can, of course, display them as they are along with baskets or colourful leaves. That way, they add a wonderful warmth.


Skulls are a strong statement when used in interior design. We recommend a silver or beaded skull that fits perfectly into a monochrome decor to maximise the spookiness of your Halloween decoration. Remember that wherever you decide to place your skulls, they are sure to bring an element of style to your home!

Halloween Trees

The famous Christmas tree might spring to mind, but did you know that you can make a Halloween tree that is just as spectacular?

If you love Halloween, then why not start the season of lights and trees a little early. Invest in a small faux Christmas tree and spray paint it black. Decorate your tree with Halloween ornaments such as bats, ghosts and pumpkins. You could even get crafting and make ornaments of your own to hang on your tree!

Alternatively, collect twigs and branches and place them in a pot – or a pumpkin – to create a makeshift tree. Bare branches look great with birds sitting in them, or add a few bats or broomstick-flying witches to yours.

Halloween Jars

These little jars are great fun to make, and you can put anything you like inside them!

Take a jar and fill it with ghosts, eyeballs, spiders or sweets to give out to trick-or-treaters – or craft little scenes inside them, such as a mini graveyard. Why not decorate the outside of the jar with spider patterns or tinsel? Place these jars on tables and other surfaces around the house to add a stylishly spooky touch to your Halloween decor.

Halloween Lanterns

Mood lighting makes excellent decor when the nights draw in. And they make your home feel extra cosy.

If jars full of eyeballs or spiders are too spooky for your taste, you could opt to turn your spare jars into beautiful Halloween-themed lanterns. Pinterest has reams of different Halloween decor ideas, from painting the jars to drawing on them with marker to lining them with crepe paper… and there are different designs too.

Place a tea light inside and you have instant mood lighting. If you have small children around, or a rowdy crowd, then solar-powered tea lights are a safe alternative.

Spiderwebs and Candles

What better way to finish your Halloween decor than with a few spiderwebs hung on your ceiling or draped over tables and cabinets?

These gothic decorations are easily made from string or cut out from bin liners and are the perfect compliment to orange or black Halloween candles and candle-filled carved pumpkins that are sure to create a spookily stylish atmosphere! If you’re very short of time, or not at all crafty, buy a few toy spiders and grab some old doilies that you have lying around… put the two together and hey-presto!

For more interior design inspiration take a look at our website and for more spooky Halloween decor ideas, please check out our Halloween Decor Pinterest board, where we’ve also collected easily-made tasty treats to serve at your Halloween party!

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