Console Tables: More than just Hallway Decor

Console Tables: More than just Hallway Decor

Few furniture items have changed their looks and purpose as much as the console table. Back in the 17th century, console tables were used to add symmetry to grand rooms. Placed against a wall, they were often semicircular in shape, intricately decorated, and only had two legs rather than the four we’re accustomed to seeing these days. And to stop them from tipping over, the original console tables were fixed to the wall with brackets called… you guessed it… consoles.

As the years passed, console tables stopped being simply gorgeous decor pieces. They acquired four legs, drawers, and shelves and lost some of the decoration in the process until they became the versatile, functional pieces we all know and love, even though they’re still mostly placed against a wall or the back of a sofa.

Whether you favour modern decor or like a more traditional style, there are few pieces of furniture that lend themselves to so many different uses around the home. Here are a few of them…


A focus point for your hallway

Most console tables are narrow pieces that offer storage space as well as display space, which makes them ideally suited for use in a hallway.

Often the first piece of furniture a visitor gets to see, they can be statement pieces, or give a hint as to the kind of decor to expect in your home.

And for everyday use, they’ll offer a space for a phone, a smart table lamp or a touch of greenery. They’re somewhere to set down mail and store notepads and keys, all while leaving most of the precious hallway space to you.


A smart workspace

Not everyone has, or wants to have, a dedicated home office. But most of us can appreciated a dedicated place to sit and deal with bills or correspondence. And in this age of laptops and tablets with detachable keyboards a console table works perfectly well as a sleek workstation that doesn’t steal too much space from the rest of your room.

The drawers will help keep all necessary items in one place, and a blanket box and smart basket placed beside it offer space for files and paperwork.


Bedroom essential

Who wouldn’t – given half a chance – love a bigger bedroom? In many modern homes a bed, wardrobe, chests and bedsides can already be a tight fit in any bedroom space, so what if you wanted a dressing table or somewhere to place a TV?

Given their space-efficient design, modern console tables are a shoe-in for all manner of uses. Without taking up too much room, they can turn into a smart TV stand or do double duty as a dressing table without making you feel too cramped. Our new 1950s Retro Mango style, with it’s long, tapered legs is particularly helpful there, since the design just breathes “space”.

And if you’re hosting a party and need a drinks station or buffet space, then your trusty console table can be pressed into service all over again. Did we mention they’re the most versatile pieces of furniture? Truly, they are.

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