Home Decor Trends: Greenery and Bits of String

Home Decor Trends: Greenery and Bits of String

Are you a fan of the Seventies? If you were around during the years of oil crisis and strikes, Disco Fever, Abba, Travolta, and bell-bottomed trousers, then maybe not. If you’re younger, you may feel a little nostalgic for all that boho hippie chic. And if that’s the case, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to this year’s home decor trends.

Vintage vibes have been a décor favourite for a while. Now a growing love for houseplants is joining in and together they’re ideal for creating simple, stylish and very cost-effective home décor.

Think big leafy plants on windowsills and shelves and suspended in macramé hangers and you’re going exactly where the designers are pointing you! Just check out your nearest IKEA and search for #macramé on Instagram and you get an idea of what homes in the year 2019 will have in common.

Many of us love gardening. Many more of us love plants around the home. That trend is set to rise as our population continues to grow and gardens are shrinking or disappearing altogether. It has been estimated that by 2020 2.6 million UK homes won’t have a garden, which explains the increased demands in houseplants from succulents to cacti and from bonsai to orchids.

In 2018, interior design retail chain Habitat listed spider plants, banana palms and swiss cheese plants as must-have accessories. But the houseplant trend doesn’t stop with beautiful floorstanding planters and pots on shelves. Hanging plants make even more of the available indoor “green” space, and utilising handmade products like macramé plant hangers fits with the overall trend for sustainability.

Macrame is easy to learn and doesn’t require hugely expensive materials to get started, so making one of the fashionable plant hangers is within reach of everyone. But macramé seems to be feeding another craving for many of us, one that’s very 2019: the wish to learn a new skill and create something useful while socialising at the same time.

Craft cafes are no longer a novelty. Macrame workshops are available around the country, and where we once held PartyLight or makeup parties, now groups of friends gather around the dining table to learn macramé.

Whether you’re a fan of all things 70s or not, boho chic home decor trends including macrame and houseplants are set to be with us for a while. So why not enjoy them?

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