Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your Home

There’s no greater time for decluttering your home than at the start of a New Year.

When you’re in the mood for new beginnings and brimming with resolutions, that’s when you have the perfect chance to declutter each and every room of your home. After all, what could be more important that making sure the place we retreat to each and every day is warm, inviting and clutter free?

Is your hallway a clutter-filled eyesore that irritates you the moment you step through the door? Give it a makeover with storage solutions that swallow all the clutter.

Find a sturdy blanket box or shoe cabinet to stow away the family’s footwear.

Then take a look at your hallway and decide where it's possible to add more storage. Check out our corner cupboards and single wardrobes. They can hide out of the way in unused corners while keeping coats, hats, umbrellas and sports equipment out of the trafficked part of your hallway.

You might think that the larger rooms of the home such as the living room and dining room would be easier to keep clutter free. But that's not actually true. There’s always something that you need to find a home for and it often ends up on the coffeetable or a sideboard.

A good place to start when decluttering the living room is to invest in a quality entertainment unit and a coffeetable with built in drawers and shelves, while dining rooms benefit from a sideboard that offers both drawers and cupboard space.

In the bedroom, the main sources of clutter are our clothes, books, and electronics. Wardrobes with hanging space and drawers, blanket boxes, and bedside tables that offer drawers and cupboard space will help you keep the visible clutter to a minimum.

If you work from home then you will know just how many distractions there are for you to contend with on a daily basis just so you can get the most simple of tasks done. Don’t let clutter be another obstacle in your work day. Make sure your work space has enough storage for you to house away any clutter that might get in your way. We have a great range of home office furniture that will give you ample space to tidy away documents, stationery, files and any books that you might need.

Whether you need a complete de-clutter in your home from top to bottom or you are looking to add some additional furniture pieces to your collection, we are bound to have the perfect storage solution that fits perfectly into place in your home.

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