Decorating with Clocks

Decorating with Clocks

From sundials to candles with notches to waterclocks and the chimes of church bells, we’ve always sought for ways to tell the time. So it was no wonder that – once they became more widely available – clocks found their way into our homes. And since clocks are not just useful but also decorative, it’s also no wonder that we began to incorporate clocks into our home decor.

Grandfather clocks, pendulum clocks and travel clocks have been part of our homes for many years, but the last few years have nudged us even further. These days, decorating with clocks can take a number of forms, depending on the kind of clock you like and the look you aim to achieve.


Large Wall Clocks

Large wall clocks can turn an empty wall into a work of art, and there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from.  Vintage clocks like our map clock, or metal-framed designs complete a vintage or shabby chic kitchen design.

Decorating with clocks isn’t restricted to the kitchen, though. Hallways and living room lend themselves equally well to show off a few clocks, as do staircases and home offices.

Some wall clocks consist of little more than a central clockwork and a handful of numbers, giving you the chance to make the most effective use of the space you have available. Clocks that let you replace the numerals with photo frames are very popular, as are clocks that recycle other items like bicycle wheels, frying pans or the hubcabs from a car.

When it comes to large wall clocks, it seems that our imagination is the only limit.


Smaller Statement Pieces

But clocks aren’t just at home on walls. Smaller clocks make beautiful visual statement pieces. Clocks are incredibly versatile and chances are good that you’ll find one that will perfectly set off your home decor.

Imagine your favourite travel clock on a bookshelf or a side table and you’ll get an idea what decorating with clocks is all about. You don’t even have to restrict yourself to a single clock!

Have a collection of vintage alarm clocks? Why not cluster them on a shelf and create a display that’s utterly unique?



Clocks are more than just versatile and functional or works of art. For many of us, clocks are little marvels full of wonder and memory… which makes them highly sought after collectable items. So why not display them as such?

Whether it’s the above-mentioned alarm clocks, a row of nautical clocks, or a selection of pocket watches, why not create a display that will give you pleasure every time you enter the room?



Whether you collect pocket watches or like to use photos of your children to mark the passing of hours, decorating with clocks is a worthwhile pursuit. And a very decorative one.

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