Want to give your home a quick, inexpensive spring makeover? Here’s how.

Want to give your home a quick, inexpensive spring makeover? Here’s how.

Does the gorgeous weather make you want to give your home a spring makeover? Are your fingers itching for a paintbrush, or are you contemplating a visit to a haberdashers? Do you feel like airing and dusting and changing everything around?

When the sun shines and the air warms, everything feels brighter, and most of us want our homes to reflect that vibe. No more snuggling down in winter blankets. We want freshly aired spaced filled with light.

Achieving this isn’t too difficult. Just follow us:

1. Minimalise

A spring cleaning technique that doubles as a makeover. Empty a room of everything but the furniture. Then add only essential items back in, and store the rest. The difference will amaze you.

2. Cheer up your hallway

Give it a dust and a brush-up, then add a console table and hang some art or a fancy mirror to make it feel bigger, brighter and much more welcoming.  If your hallway is seriously getting you down, why not add a gallery wall? Gather together all your favourite holiday photos and display them. Or show off your collection of mirrors, record sleeves or china plates!

Strangely enough, adding some hangers, a bench or a large basket can also help bring cheer to even the most cluttered room.


3. Add Accent Colours

Fresh colour in a room can instantly give a new vibe, and adding accents doesn’t have to be a huge job. Paint a wall, wallpaper an alcove, change a rug or swap out some throw pillows.

If you change the colour of items that take up a lot of room, or choose a bright, vibrant colour, your room will be transformed without having to splash out on new furniture or a redesign.

4. Add seating to your bathroom.

This may sound a bit out there, seeing that most of us have bathrooms that are functional but hardly spacious, but it really works. Adding a stool – even if it’s a little folding one – or an ottoman to your bathroom makes the whole room feel instantly more luxurious.

Maybe it’s the thought that now you have somewhere to place the wine glass… 🙂

5. Add a statement piece

Statement pieces are great for lifting a room design. Whether it’s a painting, an enlargement of a favourite photo, a vintage sign, a huge new clock, or a coffee table of an unusual style, statment pieces are ideal for changing the look of a room.

6. Create a reading nook.

Of course, you can read anywhere: sofa, bed, while cooking, in the bath… We like reading nooks, because they add an instant touch of peace and quiet to a room. And it’s a great way to interest kids in reading, too. After all, it has to be cool if it gets a space all to itself, right?

Worried that creating a reading nook is a lot of work? It’s not. Add shelves to an alcove or place a bookcase in a corner. Set a cosy love seat in front of it and maybe add a reading light and a little table to place your mug. Done.


If you need more ideas for your quick spring makeover, then why not visit our Bicester or Banbury store. We’d be delighted to answer all your questions.

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  • Gary Anderson
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