Making the Most of Beautiful Benches

Making the Most of Beautiful Benches

Dining room chairs, as we all know, come in a huge variety of styles, colours, and materials. Changing your chairs, from formal, leather-covered to wooden with colourful cushions, for example, will change the feel of your dining room in an instant.

Lately, though, another, much older trend is making a comeback. Benches used to be standard “dining room seating” all through the Middle Ages. They’re still popular for garden seating, picnics, and other outdoor events. They just haven’t been brought indoors for a very long while.

Until now, that is.

Open-plan living and smaller dining rooms both invite us to make the most of the space we have available, and benches – modest and incredibly useful, but oh-so overlooked and underused within the home – are perfect for that.

We boast a generous selection of stylish benches which are fit for multiple purposes including traditional seating and savvy storage. Make yourself a cuppa, grab a seat and read on to gain some bench inspiration…

What should you think about when purchasing a bench?

Location – a bench can go anywhere in the home. It can be used as a ‘waiting’ seat outside of the bathroom, a seat to use whilst putting your boots on, and extra seating at the Christmas dinner table.

Space – if you have a large area to fill, opt for a long bench, or something a little deeper such a monks bench; alternatively, if you have a narrow hallway or limited space elsewhere, choose a shorter bench or one with a sleeker design.

Storage – who knew you could store so much in a bench? Drawers are great for storing bits and bobs and hats and scarfs – top tip: wicker drawers add an extra stylish touch. Cupboards are perfect for storing your shoes away and out of sight and you can even get benches with a mix of drawers and cupboards and some even have lift-up seats – you’re sure to find something to meet your needs.

Style – the style of your new bench will largely depend upon on its intended use. If you’re looking for impromptu and informal seating you may be drawn towards a bench with no storage; conversely, if extra storage is high up on your list a bench with drawers, cupboards or wicker baskets would be the perfect solution. If you’d like something a little more formal, a monks bench would be ideal.

Materials – our benches are expertly made in beautiful oak or pine. What you choose will depend on your current decor and the look you’re trying to achieve. You can even choose a bench with a comfortable leather seat as well decide which handles take your fancy!

Finishes – you have a range of finishes to chose from, including waxed, oiled and au naturel. Waxes come in a range of different hues so you can easily obtain your chosen look; for a country look, an au naturel bare wood finish is perfect.

Bench Buying Checklist

  • Measure the size of the space you’re allocating for your bench.
  • Are you looking for extra storage, formal or impromptu seating?
  • What finish, colour and materials will match your current decor?
  • Purchase your furniture care products.

So, if you fancy adding a sophisticated mode of informal seating, a bench could be for you! If you’d like to browse our range of lovely benches, simply click here. Alternatively, why not pop into one of our showrooms to see them in person?

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