Sweet Deals for Your Valentine!

Sweet Deals for Your Valentine!

We know what you’re thinking: Christmas has only just been and now it’s Valentine’s Day and time to find another present for your loved one! Chocolates, wine, and flowers are always a safe bet, but safe isn’t necessarily original, thoughtful, or exciting, is it? Finding something new and exciting that the love of your life will adore can be a difficult task. So, what on earth can you do?

Maybe we can help and save your Valentine's Day! We don't just sell furniture, but also quirky and unusual accessories that may cheer your Valentine.

Top marks for originality!

Whether it’s something they’ve always lusted after, something that will make their life easier or more enjoyable, or something that goes perfectly with other presents you’ve bought them in the past, you’re sure to find something in our stores that will get you lots of brownie points this Valentine’s Day!

If your significant other is a bookworm with a quirky sense of humour... then take a peek at our cheeky side tables. Perfect to rest some books - and they're a conversation starter, too.

If you love to entertain, why not consider a cocktail cart, ice bucket, or wine rack? They're sure to be a great talking points at parties, and allow the host-with-the-most to easily and seamlessly offer each guest a top notch tipple!

What about providing your gorgeous partner with a beautiful mirror to add the finishing touch to bedroom or bathroom? We’ve got a range of absolute corkers that will bring a lovely warm feeling into your home as well as bouncing any natural light around the room, making it appear lighter and bigger!

If your soul mate is a lover of breakfast in bed why not treat them to a folding tray or a jute basket – complete with a special Valentine’s Day breakfast of course! Simply fill the basket or tray with all your loved one’s favourite breakfast items and surprise them with a treat and present all-in-one!

No, we're neither a flower shop nor a chocolatier, but - as I hope you'll now agree - we can support your Valentine's Day efforts to the hilt.

So why not visit our Banbury or Bicester store and browse through our collections of furniture and accessories? Our SWEET DEALS SALE lasts throughout the month, so if you spot a piece that needs a joint purchase decision, you won't lose out.

Happy Valentine's!

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