Space-Saving Furniture? Step this way, please...

Space-Saving Furniture? Step this way, please...

Step into your very first flat or house and you’re bound to marvel at how much space you have. Add some furniture and all your belongings, and a couple of years down the road it doesn’t seem like that at all. Suddenly, you live in a shoe box and wish you had more room. That’s where we come in, because space-saving furniture isn’t a new thing.

Just as we stock furniture ranges that are designed for big old houses with huge rooms and can seat a whole tribe for lunch without breaking a sweat, we also offer space-saving furniture that’s been designed with smaller flats, new houses, and tiny cottages in mind.

Space-saving furniture isn’t all about footprint either. Clever use of space and functionality are just as important. Here are a few of our favourites:

Extendable Dining Tables

Your dining table. Center of your dining room or kitchen. It sure takes up a lot of room, but… you have to have somewhere to eat, right? And you need one that’s big enough to seat your family and your parents and siblings, right?

This typical new-home-owner dilemma can be solved with an extendable dining table, which is happy with a smaller corner on a normal day, but can accommodate family and guests on feast days and holidays.

Extending dining tables aren’t all one size either, whether folded or extended, so you can choose the one that will give you the best functionality for the available space.

Corner Furniture

Corners aren’t precisely a waste, but in many homes they’re certainly underused. Taking a look at corner furniture may give you a few ideas for freeing up space in your living room or hallway.

A tall corner storage cabinet can banish unsightly shoe clutter from your hallway. Corners are great spaces for a coat rack, especially when your hallway is narrow.

In your living room, corners can host TV or Hifi units safely out of the way of the main traffic zones. And even your home office, often the smallest room in the house, can benefit from a space-saving corner desk.

Underbed Storage

Nobody likes a cluttered bedroom, but not everyone has that perfectly airy, calm Zen space to look forward to at the end of a long day. It’s more often the case of “how can I fit another chest of drawers to store…”

If this is a dilemma you recognise, then maybe it’s time to investigate underbed storage options. Build in drawers like the ones shown, or even flat storage boxes pushed under a standard bed can take bulky items like winter clothes, spare quilts and extra bedding to leave your bedroom looking much less cluttered and much more Zen without having to invest in yet another chest of drawers.

Storage Seating

Its very nature makes multi-function furniture a space saver. The combination most often found is seating combined with storage. Storage benches are eternal favourites whether in the hallway or the kitchen.

Ottomans and sofas with built-in underseat storage are equally well-liked and often used, as are blanket boxes.

And even storage pouffes and similar kinds of casual seating are often chosen because they’re not just comfortable to lounge on, but can pack away their weight in clutter.

So, if you feel your home is spacially challenged take a fresh look at your furniture and make sure you really make the best use of its space-saving potential. Or come talk to us. We’d be delighted to help!

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