The Final Touch for your Bedroom? A Bedroom Nightstand.

The Final Touch for your Bedroom? A Bedroom Nightstand.
You’ve just moved in to your first home and it’s time to get furnishing. The dining table’s sorted, the bookcase is in place, you’ve found a TV cabinet to store the electronics and you’ve finally settled on a sofa and matching coffee table.

What’s missing? Bedroom furniture!

Since they’re hidden away from the eyes of most visitors, bedrooms are often some of the last rooms to be furnished and decorated.

But if you consider your bedroom as your very own haven of peace and quiet, then the idea of functional bedroom furniture makes a lot more sense.

Three drawer bedroom nightstand from A Touch of Furniture Banbury and Bicester

Apart from a bed and somewhere to store your clothes, a bedroom nightstand is probably the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. 

It’s more than just a place for the alarm clock, a welcome cup of tea, your favourite book and a lamp. A bedroom nightstand also provides valuable storage in a room that many of us like as uncluttered as possible.

Our most popular solid pine or oak bedroom nightstands offer a combination of shelves, drawers and cupboards providing optimum storage for the smallest pieces of furniture.

Modern beds can vary dramatically in height from low-slung eastern designs to traditional high farmhouse bedsteads, but luckily, we stock an array of bedroom nightstands to complement any bed. Our tallest nightstands contain as many as six drawers, providing a tall enough platform beside a high bed, whilst also providing maximum storage in a small surface area.

Pot cupboards work perfectly as a bedroom nightstand and create a great little cubby to store away those things that a drawer can’t. With the hinges to the left or right, both sides of the bed can get easy access to what’s hidden inside their bedroom nightstand.

Although a bedroom nightstand may seem just a practical piece of furniture that can be tedious to buy, with our range in store you’ll soon be enthused into buying the perfect bedroom nightstand for you!

All our furniture is beautifully crafted, and our painted furniture collections add a range of colours for you to choose from. Our solid oak pieces add an extra touch of class to your bedroom in either a light modern finish, or a more traditional rustic design with heavy metal handles to fit into an older property, or add that cottage feel to a more modern home.

So it’s time to stop neglecting the bedroom and treat it to the beautiful furniture it deserves. Browse our website, or visit our stores and pick out the perfect nightstand to compliment your bedroom.

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