The perfect colour for a romantic bedroom is... ?

The perfect colour for a romantic bedroom is... ?

Has your bedroom become a little... utilitarian over time? Would you like to reclaim your romantic bedroom from days past? You're not the only one with that problem!

And the easiest - and most cost-effective - way to give your bedroom a mini-revamp is a colour refresh.

There's no need to buy new furniture unless you need some.

There's also no need to paint the walls... unless you want to go all out with your vibe change.

Adding splashes of romance to your bedroom decor can be easily accomplished with blankets, cushions, throws and accessories. Though, painting the walls a fresh new colour will take your makeover to a completely new level.

So what's the perfect colour for a romantic bedroom? As no two couples are alike, there's also no "one-size-fits-all" answer to this question. The most romantic colour scheme is one that relaxes you and gets you in the mood for romance, of course, but some colours can do that more easily than others. Here's a little list:

1. Green: an emotionally positive colour. Green gives confidence and promotes growth, balance, and harmony while encouraging the ability to love and nurture. A sophisticated emerald green would be our choice of colour for a romantic bedroom.

Words associated with green: abundance, growth, vitality, emotional balance, calm.

2. Red: a powerful colour which can give confidence to those who are shy; in China, the colour red represents good luck. We would choose a deep, luxurious ruby red for a romantic bedroom.

Words associated with red: energising, exciting, assertive, passion, confidence.

3. Blue: produces a calming effect, possibly because it reminds us of the sky and sea. Blue symbolises trust, loyalty and stability. There are many shades of blue to choose from, but for a romantic bedroom, we'd pick a sultry midnight blue.

Words associated with blue: trust, calm, wisdom, communication, self expression, stability.

4. Gold: Sophisticated and grown-up, gold is a luxurious colour which symbolises charisma, courage, compassion and success. A gold hue will add a lavish and romantic feel to your bedroom decor.

Words associated with gold: prosperity, sophistication, extravagance, richness, love, passion.

5. Purple: symbolises spirituality and relates to our inner fantasy/ dream world. Purple represents mystery, intuition, creativity, and selflessness and is the ideal colour match for a daydreamer. If you want to escape the drudgery of everyday life, and escape into a romantic dream, purple would be the perfect choice for your bedroom decor.

Words associated with purple: ambition, royalty, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, pride, mystery.

6. Silver:  Cool, calm and relaxing, silver is a popular bedroom colour choice. It symbolises reflection and feminine power, and promotes a calming and soothing atmosphere. Experiment with silver accents such as photo frames, feature walls, soft furnishings, mirrored furniture and silver-upholstered bed frames to add a romantic touch to your bedroom.

Words associated with silver: glamour, sleek, modern, calm, reflection, soothing.

Are you ready to revamp your bedroom into the romantic space you've been dreaming of? Don't forget to stop by our Banbury store and check out our selection of colourful accessories!

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  • Gary Anderson
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