Wardrobes: Where Size Matters

Wardrobes: Where Size Matters

Along with a bed and a table, a wardrobe is one of those pieces of furniture you find in most homes. Unlike a bed or a table, it’s not been around since prehistoric times. Back then, most people stored their clothes in chests. For one, because they probably didn’t own as many clothes as we do these days. For another, chests were easier to transport when travelling, and wrinkles came with the territory.

The age of the wardrobe did arrive eventually, and given their storage potential, wardrobes soon became a popular piece of furniture. Everybody wanted one, and since homes and tastes varied, wardrobe builders came up with a dizzying array of configurations, styles, and finishes.

Single Wardrobe | A Touch of Furniture Banbury and Bicester

Visit one of our showrooms and you can find single, double, triple and even quadruple wardrobes. We have all-hanging wardrobes. Wardrobes with hanging space and drawers, gents robes and ladies robes. Wardrobes made from solid oak, pine, or mango, with an oil, wax or painted finish.


And that’s before you even look at straight versus curved, sleek versus traditionally styled, expansive or compact.

So, how do you choose your perfect wardrobe?

You could start by gauging the quantity of clothes you need to store. Or you could start by measuring the space where your wardrobe will be. That way, you can widen or narrow the size of wardrobe you need.

The largest wardrobe we offer is quadruple with extra drawers. It can swallow so many clothes, you may never need another chest of drawers or blanket box! Yes, it’s big, but it actually works out very well in smaller bedrooms, too… since you need to find space for fewer pieces of furniture.

Our smallest wardrobe, by comparison, is a single with extra drawer space. Ideal for childrens rooms or multi-purpose / guest bedrooms. Wardrobes don’t just have to be consigned to a bedroom, either. A wardrobe placed at the end of a hallway makes a great storage space for winter coats and boots!

Once you know where your new wardrobe is meant to go and which size wardrobe would be the best fit, you can decide whether you need more hanging or more drawer space.

And then, finally, it’s time to consider the style and finish of your new wardrobe.

We can, of course, help you with any questions you may have about our wardrobes. Why not visit our stores and find the wardrobe you’ve been looking for all along?

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