Why Decorate with Vintage Signs?

Why Decorate with Vintage Signs?
Shabby chic, farmhouse, and vintage designs have been hot trends for quite a few years now, and their popularity shows no sign of waning. Along with functional, but distressed-looking furniture, wall art like clocks, old-style advertising, and vintage signs are being sought out and picked up by many of us. It’s a trend that some people get immediately, while others need to work to make sense of it.

And while there are plenty of bric-a-brac shops offering all manner of well-aged items and distressed paint jobs now cover dining chairs as easily as bedside tables and wardrobes, there’s always been a special place in people’s minds for advertising posters, signs, and other vintage accessories.

So why would you hang an old tin sign advertising baked beans on your kitchen wall or declare yourself a Gin Palace to everyone who steps through your front door? It might make sense if you’re a local pub or coffee shop, but in your home?

The reason why people decorate with vintage signs are as individual as the signs themselves.

Maybe the sign reminds you of a favourite food, or a favourite place. Maybe it’s the sign for a street you know well, or celebrates a sports team you support. Maybe it makes you smile. Or maybe you always wanted a kitchen clock that proclaimed it ‘wine time’ or extolled the virtue of cupcakes.

Vintage signs and old-style clocks add a touch of quirkiness to a kitchen, dining room, or hallway… spaces that are often more functional than stylish. They’re a declaration of things you enjoy, and they have just as much meaning as that jar of seashells you’ve brought back from your seaside holiday or the incense sticks on the sidetable.

Old-style clocks aren’t just decorative, either. They tell the time as well as remind us of times gone by whether you like the austere, angular Art Deco style or a slightly more whimsical farmhouse design.

The other nice thing about vintage signs is that they’re instant conversation pieces. They bring a room to life and pull a design together and – in many cases – you only need a single piece in a room to give it that final, finished look.

You can, of course, trail antique shops, flea markets or car boot sales to find the vintage signs you’d like to display in your home. Or, if the actual age of the sign doesn’t matter as much as the design itself and the look it gives to your home, and you’re happy to display a replica… then why not visit one of our stores. We have an interesting selection of clocks, vintage signs and decorative signs that will bring a real smile to your face…

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