How to Create a Festive Dining Room

How to Create a Festive Dining Room 0

While you're buys decorating the tree at Christmas, don't forget to deck out the dining room with some festive cheer as well. It makes sense to sprinkle some Christmas magic in the room where you will sit down to tuck into a delicious Christmas feast. From your dining room table to your dresser to your walls and even your lighting, there are many ways to inject some Christmas cheer into your dining room this festive season.
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Why Christmas is the Perfect Time for a New Dining Room Table

Why Christmas is the Perfect Time for a New Dining Room Table 0

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a celebratory dinner and a dining room table is much more than just somewhere to sit and enjoy a festive meal with the family.

It’s somewhere to sit around and talk the night away, or to enjoy a festive game of Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly.

It’s the social hub of your home, the place where everyone gathers when you're entertaining, which seems to be pretty much every day over the Christmas holiday!

Between lunches, Christmas get togethers, and family dinners, your dining room table will see more use than it do at other times. And the kids are bound to need plenty of room to play with their new games, puzzles and messy craft activities that they got for Christmas as well. Just be sure to remember the protective cover for the paints and play-doh!

Christmas is the time for all things new and exciting, with presents, and treats, and new memories being made throughout the holiday. What better time to treat yourself to a brand new dining room table for you and your family to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year?

You will always look back on the first Christmas with your brand new table and remember the moment your family sat round expectantly waiting for you to unveil the most amazing Christmas turkey ever. Your festive feast will undoubtedly look even more appetising when it takes centre stage on your stunning oak or pine table.

You'll need a table that is big enough to fit the whole family, comfortable enough to keep them feeling cosy all day long and durable enough to stand the test of time. Solid oak and pine are perfect for investment furniture pieces, especially dining room tables, as they are both incredibly robust and durable materials.

Our tables come in a variety of different sizes, with the option of an extendable table available in case you need to vary the size of your table from time to time. We also offer a range of comfy dining room chairs for you to choose from.

Visit our Banbury or Bicester store and take a seat at one of our tables, and you will see exactly why you need a brand new dining table to make this Christmas the best one yet.

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How to Choose Dining Chairs

How to Choose Dining Chairs 0

When you choose a dining chair, you want it to be stylish and complement the decor of your dining room. You also want it to be comfortable, for yourself and any guests dining with you. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, you don’t need to compromise on either style or comfort.
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Are Square Dining Tables Boring?

Are Square Dining Tables Boring? 0

The plucky square dining table has been a feature in many Great British homes over the years and we’re excited to see it making a well-deserved comeback!
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