Are You Ready for Autumn?

Are You Ready for Autumn? 0

For many of us, the transition from summer to winter is a pleasant one. But even if you’re not a autumn or winter person, there are plenty of ways to make the best of this time of year. Below, we’ve assembled a few tips and tricks to help get you ready for autumn:
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Light Oak Furniture

Light Oak Furniture 0

How do you achieve a modern look whilst still experiencing the quality you crave from solid oak furniture? Here’s a tip: Try light oak furniture. It can provide that stylish feel you’re looking for while not compromising on the sturdy design you’d expect from only the best solid oak furniture.

  • Gary Anderson
How to Make the Most of your Dining Room

How to Make the Most of your Dining Room 0

Has your dining room table become something of a long forgotten relic hidden beneath a mountain of clutter? It’s never too late to turn it from wasteland to wonderland with a statement table that looks as impressive as it does inviting.
  • Gary Anderson
Dashing Dining Sets

Dashing Dining Sets 0

Whether you’ve just moved house or finally moved into your first own pad, for most of us a dining table is one of our furniture essentials. Here's how we can help...
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